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How to Reduce Transportation Cost

Apr. 29, 2020

Minimizing product transportation costs means improving cost efficiency from the beginning of the logistics process, which means planning and optimizing the best packaging solution from the beginning.

Get the best protection

Must first consider preventing damage to the product. Damage and return will cost you money, simple and clear. The best protective packaging can avoid the high losses caused during transportation, and bear all related returns, product replacements, and additional shipping costs, not to mention dissatisfied customers. Our company provides you with high-quality green environmental protection air column bags.

Pay attention to weight

It sounds obvious, but the total weight is a key factor in transportation costs. Choosing the lightest packaging material without compromising the protection level of the product is the key to reducing transportation costs.

Air Column Bag

Reduce volume

It is also important to ensure that your overall package size does not expand too much. The use of too large boxes or too large inner packaging is not efficient, which will increase the overall size and actual weight of the packaging, thereby increasing transportation costs. Many major carriers now use a freight pricing method that evaluates two main factors, one of which is the total volume of the package (“volume” or “dimension” weight) and actual weight. If the dimensional weight (DIM weight) exceeds the physical weight, the DIM weight is used to calculate the cost.

The size and weight pricing policy is becoming more and more strict. The use of inner packaging can protect the product to the greatest extent, and at the same time minimize the overall size; the outer packaging carton and packaging are specifically designed to fit closely without wasting space, which is the key to reducing the total volume of the package, thereby reducing costs.

Although the following formula will help, calculating the dimensions and weight of the package is not as easy as the physical weight. First, multiply the length, width, and height of the centimeter to calculate the volume of the package. Divide the result by 5,000. If the resulting number is greater than the weight of the package, the dimensional weight will be used instead of the physical weight to calculate the transportation cost. Many major operators have convenient calculators on their websites.

Plan packing

As mentioned earlier, keeping transportation costs as low as possible is to plan and optimize the best packaging solution from the beginning. If you want more help and advice on packaging options, please feel free to contact our friendly and professional team. Together we can reduce your transportation costs and provide the best packaging solutions for your unique needs, including customized protective packaging tailored to your needs.

The above information is provided by the OEM air column bag factory.

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