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The Importance of Air Column Bags in People's Lives

Mar. 24, 2020

The task of the air column bag is to protect our things from being crushed and then reach a long-term storage or transport earthquake protection, so the existence of the air column bag is widely used in logistics. It can be said that the air column bag developed together today does not cause any pollution to the environment, because generally the plastic film and air cushion that constitute the air column bag device are completely clean and non-polluting products, and this kind of thing is not used to After being buried in the soil, it will differentiate, so it will not cause any pollution to the environment.

In short, the air column bag is a product that must be used in all modern work. Whether it is a high-tech electronic product, it is still usual daily necessity or small parts can be selected to use the air column bag for packaging, especially It is about fragile precious handicrafts, celebrities, calligraphy and painting, and other products. It is necessary to use air cylinder bags, which are more and more definitely the food. Such as red wine gas bag, milk powder airbag and so on.

Air Column Bag

Can you not love such an air column bag? Is there any reason to resist?

1. Do not occupy the local area, save 88% of warehouse space by filling and using;

2. Clean and regular;

3. Anti-pressure can bear tens of kilograms, without worrying about the deformation of the treasure bag during transportation;

4. Comprehensive scale, suitable for various scale products, can be customized;

5. The air column bag can be reused, which reduces the cost and the product is very lightweight.

The above information is provided by Air Cushion Bubble Film supplier.

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