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Air Column Bag Will Eventually Replace Traditional Packaging Materials

Jan. 18, 2020

With the increase in domestic per capita consumption levels, consumers have begun to pay more attention to health and the environment, which has gradually increased domestic awareness of environmental protection. In foreign countries, for general products, the packaging of exported plastic bags should meet the requirements of environmental protection and toxic and hazardous substance limits, and stipulate that the total content of hazardous substances in packaging materials: lead, cadmium, mercury, and hexavalent chromium does not exceed 100 mg/kg. According to reports, the United States and most EU countries have restricted the import of traditional packaging materials. Therefore, a new type of buffer packaging material, air column bag, has reached the forefront of the packaging industry and has become the focus. Air pillow for packing supplier shares with you.

Air Column Bag

The reasons why air column bags are capable and will eventually replace traditional packaging materials are as follows:

1. Using professional production machinery and equipment, using a fully automatic production line; computer-aided manufacturing, automatic control, easy production, easy modification, fast and simple, reducing the trouble of hardware mold opening, testing, repairing, and replacing molds up and down. Save mold cost and shorten development and mass production time. The uninflated gas column bag is completely flat, lightweight and small, which saves material and commodity transportation costs.

2. Using the concept of the co-extruded film and air chamber, the air column bag developed into an air column arrangement is not only non-toxic and recyclable but also reduces packaging costs. It can widely replace traditional packaging materials, such as Polygon, EPE, corrugated paper, and pulp. Injection molding, etc., not only protect the environment, but also save costs, improve the efficiency of the production line, and provide the most perfect seismic protection of the product. Our company provides Inflatable Airbag Packaging.

3. After the air column bag is inflated, it protects the product personally, which is a low cost, saves space, reduces the packaging process, saves manpower, has no pollution, and also provides long-term storage and transportation without air leakage.


1. Reduce packaging. That is to say, the packaging should reduce consumption as much as possible under the conditions of protection, convenience, and sales. The air column bag is designed according to the size of the product, which will not produce extra packaging and meet the requirements of green packaging.

2. Packaging should be easy to reuse or easy to recycle. Our airbag packaging can be reused multiple times

3. Packaging materials should be harmless and non-toxic to humans and organisms. Gas column bag incineration will not produce harmful gas and harmful waste, which is in line with the environmental protection concept currently advocated globally.

Air column bag packaging will become the most popular green packaging in today's society.

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