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How to Seal the Air Column Bag after Inflation?

Apr. 30, 2020

In fact, the air column bag or air cushion film can be easily inflated with a micropump or a manual pump, and no seal is required after inflation. However, many e-commerce sellers or enterprises have not used air column bags as cushioning and protective packaging. They do not understand the basic techniques and principles of air column bags. They always worry about whether the air will be exhausted. Is it better to heat seal separately?

In fact, there is no need to seal at all after inflation. The air cushion bubble film supplier here explains to you. Because the air column bag is equipped with a one-way air shut-off valve membrane, the air is automatically sealed. Like football and basketball, remove the pump after inflation. Since the air column bag is filled with air pressure, the one-way air shut-off valve is squeezed tightly, and the air column bag can realize the special function of sealing and locking without increasing the heat seal.

Air Cushion Film

After inflation, how long will the air stay in the air column bag? This problem mainly depends on the raw material of the air column bag. If a coextruded film with high nylon content is used, the airtightness time will be longer, usually more than 6 months (six months). However, if the raw material is the ordinary or inferior quality co-extruded film, the holding time of pneumatic packaging will be very short.

Some customers think they are doing e-commerce express delivery, and it only takes a few days to send, so it doesn't take so long to get angry. Then they choose to use inferior raw materials to save costs! Here, the air column bag factory made an explanation for this misunderstanding: Although inferior raw materials can meet the transportation time of 3-5 days, the most important thing is that the strength and toughness of the inferior materials will also be poor! The air column bag is easily damaged, the air is exhausted, and only two films are left, and the protection performance is also lost. At that time, the inferior air column bag brought you out of stock, higher after-sales cost, and poor store name. The loss cannot even be covered by the cost of hundreds of low-quality air column bags.



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