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What Are the Advantages of Air Column Bag Over Foam?

Mar. 24, 2020

The following briefly introduces the differences between the advantages and disadvantages of the two. Compared with foam, the air column bag is a kind of goods used for product packaging. Advantages: Primarily used for cushioning packaging. It is the use of the expansion function of the foam itself to absorb the forces that occur during bumps, which can adequately prevent damage to products and is widely used. Disadvantages: It takes up a large storage area; transportation costs are huge; packaging needs to be customized, which causes high packaging costs; and it causes great damage to the environment; it is an embargoed packaging in Europe, America, and other countries.

In general, the raw materials (adhesive film) or products (air cushion) of the air column bag are completely clean and will not form any pollution. Inflatable bags can be used in a wide range of products. As long as it is related to packaging, products that need to be transported together can be used with airbags.

Air Column Bag

Air column bag, a new type of cushioning packaging material born in 2010. Its advantages: The first is the need for fragile, shockproof high-end buffering. The air column bag is annoyed by filling the air. Use air to absorb the force of bumps and falls. The current mainstream buffer data is equal to the air; the air column bag only occupies the thickness of two A4 papers before being inflated. Comparing them, it greatly saves storage space and transportation costs. Simple to use, inflatable packaging in one step; and low environmental pollution, tailor-made for goods, can effectively protect goods.

By inductive accounting, the storage cost, labor cost, and transportation cost of the foam are much larger than the quotation of the airbag. This clearly shows the advantages of the air column bag. Therefore, air column bags are the preferred packaging for new cushioning packaging materials.

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